River Lumi Resort is Fun

River Lumi Resort is sorrounded by a serene environment suitable for tours, walks, hikes and all forms fantastic & fun activities.
Take a look at some of the experiences you will have.
1. Guided hikes to Lake Chala
A trip to River Lumi Resort is not complete without our free guided hike to the mystical Crater Lake. Lake Chala is an inter-territorial lake that straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania and was formed as a result of the volcanic activity of the Mount Kilimanjaro. It is surrounded by a steep crater rim with a maximum height of 170 metres.
2. Tour to Lake Jipe
Lake Jipe which is located approximately 32Kms from the Resort is a shallow water lake lying astride the Kenya Tanzania border. The lake which has spectacular views of the Pare Mountains in Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro is fed by River Lumi and the streams from the Pare Mountains.
3. The River Lumi escapades
Our morning and evening guided walks enables our guests to enjoy the adventurous and historic spots on the flow of the Lumi River including Mbalani and Njoro. It is believed that water from Lake Chala flows into the river at the Njoro spot which is a source of very clean water. The spots are ideal for photo shoots, fishing and bird viewing.
4. Safari
River Lumi Resort enjoys proximity to the Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks. The Ziwani’s Tsavo West National Park gate is located only 6Km from the Resort while the Amboseli Park is located approximately 65km away. Guests can enjoy guided safari tours to the park on prior arrangement with the Resort.
5. Agritourism
The Resort is located in one of the food basket of the country and is known to produce most of the fresh produce sold in the coastal region. Enjoy a tour of some of the farms in the vicinity and learn of our local farming methods. You can also get fresh produce at discounted prices!

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